Company We produce over 1 500 types of abrasive tools
Management Board of the
Professionals of their craft
Maksym Bielawski
Chairman of the Supervisiory Board
Igor Burak
Chief Executive Officer
Oleksandr Bondarenko
First Deputy Chairman of the Board
Oleksandr Kozeratskyi
Deputy Chairman of the Board - Operations Director
Lyudmila Gordiy
Head of the department foreign economic relations
Ihor Gudymenko
Deputy Chairman of the Board from management accounting and information technologies
Oleksandr Shkola
Deputy Chairman of the Board on technical issues
Yaroslav Pelykh
Chief Quality Officer
Svitlana Kulova
HR director
Yuliia Haniuk
Senior Advisor to the CEO
Olha Andrieieva
Advisor to the CEO (Sales)
Daria Vitrova
Advisor to the CEO (International communications)
Elizabeth Ishchuk
Advisor to the CEO (Government relations)
Sofia Musich
Head of Communications and Marketing
Base in Ukraine Company history
Founded in 1939 The first name of the company was "Dniprovsky Carborundum Plant"
Start of production of silicon carbide, grinding grains and grinding powders from it
The start-up of the first electro corundum melting furnace and the start of the grinding grain production workshop. Opening of the workshop to produce abrasive tools
Mastered the production of refractory compounds (boron carbide and boron nitride)
The enterprise was renamed Zaporizhzhia Abrasive Plant
The company expanded production, adding a workshop for micropowder production using electrocorundum and silicon carbide, and a workshop for producing coated abrasives with synthetic resin coatings
The company changes its strategy, focusing on producing competitive products for the domestic market and exports. Modernization of production facilities and introduction of new technologies
The plant introduces innovative technologies, providing high-quality products and a wide range of abrasive tools. ISO 9001 certification. Start of production of cutting wheels and refractory fractions of silicon carbide, boron carbide, and electrocorundum
The company changes its type of joint-stock company from public to private
The new management is updating production processes and investing in technological upgrades. The company is actively attracting new partners and expanding its presence on the EU market as part of its digital transformation strategy
Coming soon
The largest manufacturer of abrasive materials and tools on the world market

"We work conscientiously in the interests of Ukraine, strive to transparently and consistently fulfill contractual obligations, ensure and maintain high quality products. Among our strategic goals are responsible business conduct, continuous self-improvement, and reducing the impact on the environment".
Maksym Bielawski
Chairman of the Supervisory Board