Ecology Taking care of the environment
The enterprise is actively implementing ecological modernization of production. We are gradually engaging in the reconstruction of aspiration equipment, replacing dust collection systems with modern installations with fabric filtration. This avoids the use of water in dust collectors, reduces dust emissions into the environment, and increases the reuse of captured dust.
with fabric filtration have already been implemented in 25 aspiration units.
The most significant measures in recent years have been the reconstruction of gas cleaning units (GCU) of furnaces No. 1 and No. 2 in workshop No. 2. Additionally, the modernization of aspiration units (AU) No. 13, 14, and 16 in workshop No. 2 was carried out. In 2020, the reconstruction of the GCU of furnace No. 2 in workshop No. 2 was completed.
This was a significant project that allowed the enterprise to reduce emissions into the atmosphere by more than four times.
UAH million
The total cost reconstruction
In 2021, the reconstruction of aspiration units AU-13 and AU-14 was carried out in workshop No. 62. As a result of the reconstruction, dust emissions into the atmosphere were reduced to 22-24 mg/m³, and the collected dust can be reused. The total cost for the reconstruction of the relevant aspiration units amounted to more than UAH 2.5 million.
In 2022, AU-16 was modernized in workshop No. 62. The estimated cost of improving the unit was about UAH 1 million. The plant is planning to develop a project for the creation of a system for continuous monitoring of emissions from furnaces No. 1 and No. 2 in workshop No. 2.
UAH million
The total cost reconstruction in 2021-2022
Water use and drainage of the enterprise
Water use and drainage of the enterprise
Abrasive production uses technical water from the Dnipro River for production needs and drinking water for specific purposes. All storm and sludge wastewater from the enterprise's premises enters the general treatment facilities of the plant. The purified water is then used to replenish the closed water cycle of the enterprise or in technological processes. Only a portion of the water is discharged into the Mokra Moskovka River and then into the Dnipro River.
Environmental monitoring at the enterprise
Environmental monitoring at the enterprise
Ecological monitoring at the enterprise is an important component of activities aimed at ensuring compliance with environmental norms and standards, as well as assessing the impact of the enterprise on the environment. In this case, "Zaporizhabrazive" ensures regular monitoring of emissions and discharges of pollutants that may occur during the operation of the technological equipment. To ensure high-quality monitoring, an environmental department has been established, which includes a nature conservation laboratory equipped with the necessary equipment for measurements and analysis of environmental samples. Qualified personnel with expertise in ecology work in the laboratory. The environmental department holds the relevant documents and licenses to carry out the necessary measurements and analyses.
Waste management
Waste management
Previously, abrasive production waste was taken to an industrial waste landfill for disposal. Currently, "Zaporizhabrazive" implements a strategy of maximum involvement in the production of materials that have resource value. Separate waste collection conditions have been organized at all sites of the enterprise. Hazardous waste is stored in designated and equipped areas and then transferred for disposal to organizations with appropriate licenses.
Landscaping of the territory of the enterprise and sanitary protection zone
Landscaping of the territory of the enterprise and sanitary protection zone
Zaporizhzhia Abrasive Plant PJSC systematically arranges the territory of the enterprise and its sanitary protection zone, planting new green areas, and conducting regular maintenance (watering, pruning) and grass mowing. The area of green spaces covers 30% of the industrial site. The plant's employees actively participate in cleaning the company's assigned territories on Saturdays and engage in city environmental actions.
Provision of environmental information, response to appeals, and complaints
The responsibility of providing information on environmental issues and handling appeals and complaints is assigned to Dmytro Slyunin, the acting head of the environmental protection department at the enterprise. Citizens can submit complaints, requests, and information related to the environment through various communication channels, including email, postal address, and phone number. All citizen appeals will be considered, and responses will be provided.
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