Letter from our Chairman of Supervisory Board

Dear Partners,


Zaporizhzhia Abrasive Plant is a Ukrainian company with a rich history that aspires to become a global leader in producing abrasive materials and tools.
Our journey toward achieving this goal is grounded in five fundamental principles:
Quality: Each of our products embodies the highest quality standards. We continuously refine our technologies and processes to ensure the best results for our clients.
Reliability: Our ability to achieve utmost reliability primarily stems from a closed-cycle production of grinding tools. We oversee every detail to ensure the high quality of our products.
Responsibility: We recognize our crucial role in Ukraine’s development. We prioritize transparency in our operations and uphold contractual commitments.
Environmental Stewardship: We feel responsible for the environment and our planet’s fate. We take active measures to reduce emissions of harmful substances and support climate-related changes.
Progress: We are perpetually on the path of improvement. We invest in modern equipment and foster development to remain leaders in the abrasive industry.
Even during the most challenging times for our country, amidst the large-scale invasion by the Russian Federation, we continue to advance. We take pride in expanding our market share globally and opening new countries to our products.
Investments in new equipment and energy-saving projects exceeding 1 million euros demonstrate our faith in the country’s future and our readiness to embrace innovation. We persist in increasing production volumes, creating new jobs, and contributing taxes to Ukraine’s budget.
Our top priority for the upcoming five years is to develop a flexible manufacturing process and ensure quality service, enabling us to efficiently fulfill orders and provide prompt product delivery at competitive prices.
One of our key initiatives is also expanding our presence in the European Union market. We are confident that the quality of our products and high standards of business ethics will be significant advantages in our relations with European partners.
Currently, we offer an extensive range of high-quality abrasive materials, such as regular electrocorundum, black and metallurgical silicon carbide, boron nitride, and ceramic and bakelite-based abrasive tools.
Soon we plan to broaden our product lineup, including boron carbide, green silicon carbide, white electrocorundum, and refractory calcined electrocorundum.


With deep gratitude for your support and trust,
Maksym Bielawski
Chairman of the Supervisory Board